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1-isocyanato-4-methylcyclohexane(Glimepiride Intermediate) CAS 32175-00-1

  • Product Name:  1-isocyanato-4-methylcyclohexane(Glimepiride Intermediate) CAS 32175-00-1
  • Model NO.:  32175-00-1
  • Origin:  China
  • Packing:  25KG/Drum
  • Brand Name:  Volsen
Product Details:  1-isocyanato-4-methylcyclohexane(Glimepiride Intermediate) CAS 32175-00-1

Trans-4-Methycyclohexyl Isocyanate CAS 32175-00-1 is a primary intermediates for Glimepiride. Glimepiride is widely used to treat type 2 diabetes and shows good response. Trans-4-Methycyclohexyl Isocyanate CAS NO 32175-00-1 is precise formulation with the molecular formula C8H13NO and formula weight 139.19. In addition to this, our Glimepiride Intermediates is formulated and  tested in adherence with the international standards.

Thera. CategoryAnti-diabetic

Cas No.: 32175-00-1

Synonym: trans-4-methycyclohexyl isocyanate;TRANS-4-METHYL CYCLO HEXANE ISOCYANATE;TRANS-4-METHYL CYCLOHEXYL ISOCYANATE;trans-1-Isocyanato-4-methyl-cyclohexane;isocyanic acid trans-4-methylcyclohexyl ester;t-4 Me Cyclohexyl Isocyanate;Isocyanic;trans-4-Methulcyclohexyl


Molecular Formula: C8H13NO

Molecular Weight: 139.19

Packing: Export worthy packing

Material Safety Data Sheet: Available on request

Usage: Glimepiride Intermediate

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